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The need of expressing and conveying the potential and values of a company in an effective way is a priority of a company since its founding. Today, this need has become even more relevant in order to be successful and consolidate the company activity in the reference sector.

Over the years our team, which is composed of many professionals, gained the experience that thanks to our partners allowed us to perfect and carry out creative and ad hoc solutions for any type of enterprise activity whose interest is to touch,persuade, charm our clients.
Giudice Srl is born with the objectiveof creating your brand identity, so highlighting the passion and professional skills you put into your work everyday.

We pay attention to any type of communication and to the needs of all enterprising sectors to provide integrated solutions that build your brand-image.
Building your image is a never-ending, delicate task, with the aim of bringing your potential or consolidated clients to the heart of your brand.



Gaetano Giudice
Chief Executive Officer

Vincenzo Giudice
Chief Technology Officer

Riccardo Graziano
Design Coordinator

Daniela Starita
Accounting Manager

Angela Vigoriti
Administrative Manager

Flavia Vivolo
Project Manager

Anna Improta
Project Manager

Vincenzo Giudice
Project Manager

Michele Carrea
Graphics Manager

Ivan Falanga
Technology Manager


Francesco Carrea
Production Manager

Antonio Polverino
Installation Technician

Rocco Mango
Installation Technician

Vincenzo Arrichiello
Installation Technician

Pasqualino Ferrara
Installation Technician

Ciro Di Pietro
Installation Technician

Pietro Ilardi
Installation Technician

Salvatore Di Pietro

Giuseppe Romilli

Luigi Pignatelli
Installation Technician

Carmine Grieco

Our achievements in the last 5 years

Top brands
Set-up and branded area
In Italy and Europe

Our Core Business...

We are aware that the image is a feature that needs care in specific details, therefore,, in a highly competiitive reality, the the brand is an essential expression mark of a company that wants to stand out effectively and incisively.

With this view shared by all of our collaborators, todaywe work in partnership with our clients on projects which made us a national and international reference company in the field ofplanningcreation and installation of metal facilities, and creation and setup of stands and events of a wide range of commplexity and type,  the latter being made to ensure an immersive experience for those who turn to us.

  • Brand Identity Creation
  • Brand Design
  • Sign Design
  • Stand Design
  • Administrative Procedures / Concessions
  • Sign Installation
  • Advertising Support Installation
  • Fair Stand Installation
  • Logistic Organization of Events
  • Complete Maintenance / Assistance

"The value of an idea lies in the using of it."

Thomas A. Edison

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